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Using Video To Create Collaborative Environments

on September 02, 2014

It is without question that video conferencing is becoming more pervasive in our lives. Whether Polycom and Cisco or Skype and Google, more people are using video conferencing day in and day out for business and personal reasons.

In the earlier days of video it was used to try and simulate a meeting. Often with careful planning and staffing a video conference could connect to sites and some productive conversation could take place.  However, all and all, video was still an event. It wasn’t easy to do a call and therefore it was difficult to truly integrate.

Today that is different. Video can be launched easily from anywhere on any device. This capability is leading to video being used for more than just meetings. Now it has become part of a movement for more optimized organizations; creating what our friends at Polycom call “Collaborative Decision Environments.”

While the terminology may be complex, the idea is really quite simple. With video being simple and available, companies can now use video conferencing to more effectively and efficiently create teams and drive collaboration on product development, human resources or even full project management.

With this type of flexibility, companies can outperform their competition all while connecting their talent to anyone, from anywhere at anytime. Giving another example of what is possible when video telepresence solutions are securely and correctly implemented into an organization.

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