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UC: What You Need to Ask Providers Before Signing a Deal

on June 26, 2015

Before choosing a unified communications provider, businesses need to determine their needs. Here’s what you need to ask providers.

Businesses today know there are multiple advanced IT components needed to help their company get their brand message out, and to also integrate the employee experience for increased productivity. Add to that the need for supreme support services and it is not hard to see why UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) has become an emerging requirement for organizations. UC bridges the gap between communication platforms, from telephones to video conferencing and data sharing, and it takes social media to the next level by including collaborative tools to maximize its benefits. But, before deciding on a provider, businesses need to figure out exactly what their needs are and which provider will be the right fit. Here’s what you need to ask providers before signing a deal:

What support do you offer? How will you be able to help when we need it and how quickly will we get that help?

This question should be an easy one. 24/7 global support and on-call technicians in a timely manner should be expected. Support should be assessable and accountable when you need answers. Always do a quick Google search to see how the provider has fared with other customers, or as for references from previous clients.

Can the provider integrate the experience seamlessly?

The UCaaS provider will be spanning across multiple devices and users. Is the technology user friendly? This is essential when considering how to get the word out about events and news for your company in a professional manner. A case study by the National Grid showed how when a large corporation moves to an integrated system effectively, the result is decreased costs and increased productivity in the firm.

The provider has a broad range of services, great! But do they have the newest and most relevant services to move your business forward?

Your company might have the perfect message, but delivered in the wrong way—and to the wrong people—will get you none of the results you need. Video content creation in today’s world is key and video post-production is where the magic happens. Your provider should have the ability to create a post-production editing workplace that allows your company to create perfectly edited content that helps you tell your story the right way, and helps you distribute it across the most appropriate platform for your audience. 

What about the Cloud? Do you have it and how will it help our business?

Providers offering cloud platforms offer not only on-site equipment and support but also peace of mind should a disaster strike. Recovery and protection during a super storm or other natural disasters will keep your business operating optimally, while single-tenancy cannot offer this same guarantee. The ability to communicate swiftly with employees during a crisis, whether a PR nightmare or a health and safety issue, puts you in control of the situation. Having a hybrid approach to multi-purposed onsite equipment will save you time, money, and space; plus cloud services to offer the flexibility of data sharing, will keep you neck and neck with your competitors, and bring your company to the next level.

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