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FCC Regulations Requiring Updates on Wireless Microphones and Personal Monitors--What You Need to Know

on June 01, 2017

If you’ve been in the broadcasting business or had connections to it, you know that spectrum auctions are the FCC’s way of making more room for more options and devices on which to broadcast in...

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The Importance of Year-End Technology Performance Evaluations

on January 24, 2017

A modern business is only as strong as the technology that supports and drives it. While technology is devoid of human problems like lack of motivation, procrastination, or frequent absence,...

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Artificial Intelligence Is Not [Only] All About Robots

on December 13, 2016

When we say “artificial intelligence,” what do you see in your mind’s eye? If visions of robots are dancing in your head, you’re not alone. Science fiction would have us believe artificial...

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So, You’ve Been Hacked…Now What?

on November 29, 2016

In a world of sophisticated cyber criminals, it’s not a question of if you’ll be hacked—it’s a question of when. While prevention is a major element in any cyber security strategy, that’s no...

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AI-Powered Drones Are Coming: What It Means for Business

on November 15, 2016

IBM Watson recently partnered with a drone company in search of new advancements. The result? Artificial intelligence (AI) powered drones. Advanced computer programming lets drones make decisions...

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Technology Adoption Starts with Professional Development

on October 25, 2016

Technology has integrated so seamlessly into our lives that it’s hard to imagine a day without it. Software and device advancements have truly changed the way we live and work—use a smart watch to...

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Using Technology to Prepare for Gen Z

on October 04, 2016

Are you sick of hearing about millennials? Then you’ll be glad to hear there’s a new generation on the horizon.

The junior generation, Gen Z, is growing up—and fast. In just a few years, they’ll...

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Shadow IT: Time to Accept the Inevitable

on September 13, 2016

Shadow IT has been growing in strength and necessity since BYOD (bring your own device) programs came into existence. As millennials enter the workplace, this new generation of employees is...

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CDOs: The Newest Members of the C-Suite

on August 31, 2016

Most businesses today use data across departments, from marketing to customer service. Few, however, have a formal strategy for managing and using data as a success-driving asset. Now is the time...

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Enterprise Cloud Computing: Trends to Watch

on August 29, 2016

Cloud computing has been growing steadily in use over the last several years. Recent surveys are now showing that the cloud is seeing significant growth, with 72 percent of businesses using cloud...

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