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The Digital Workplace

on May 18, 2015

Digital transformation is at the core of every business today, and strategic partnerships with technology professionals will help your business compete and succeed.

The “digital transformation” of the business space has been growing in leaps and bounds these past few years. When it comes to business, technology has always played a major role. The only difference in today’s world is the pace at which technology is changing and advancing. With the entry of mobile, cloud, social, and data, new business opportunities rapidly appear. This pressures businesses to be always evolving, and ready to pivot and adopt more agile practices to tap into the new opportunities.

Why tech partners are emerging as business essentials?

Like many business ventures, digital transformation requires investment in terms of time, effort, and finances. However, digital transformation takes on a different magnitude for different organizations. You can’t really copy someone else’s success or their practices. Some organizations are “born” digital as technology is simply what they do. What happens to those businesses that don’t treat technology as their core expertise? How do they keep up and compete? The answer lies in strategic partnerships, and today, the need to have a strategic technology partner is stronger than ever.

The first step towards digital transformation: Shoot for simplicity

Today, successful businesses pin all their bets on technology. They explore and embrace new workplace practices such as open offices, telecommuting, BYOD, and mobile communication. They leverage technologies that support the emerging expectations of constant collaboration.

Such shifts put AV integrators face-to-face with the challenges of addressing the modern workplaces need for hyper-connectivity. However, while requirements are more complex, the solutions need to be simple, workflow-oriented, and aligned towards meeting business goals.

These factors are critical to the successful adoption of new technology. This is especially true for workplaces where job efficiency is the biggest incentive for employees to use new tech tools. Failing this, new tech adoption lags and eventually fails to keep its promises. For instance, workers who are used to Skype and Google+ Hangouts are, at best, skeptical, and, at worse, averse to use an enterprise video conferencing solution. This changes only if your enterprise level solutions offer the same level of simplicity and ease-of-use. Large learning curves are no longer the norm, nor acceptable, to today’s workforce. It’s not hard to understand why simplicity is key while building and designing workplaces.

The right AV/IT partnership can meet the modern workplace needs

To cater to the emerging requirements of business clients, AV integrators need strategic alliances with IT specialists. This involves the creation of the right technology-design combinations. AV/IT partnerships also allow integrators to anticipate the collaboration needs of their clients. This helps them provide faster and more accurate solutions.

Gartner predicts that "digital business incompetence” will be one of the major factors responsible for organizations’ plummeting market positions by 2017. Such predictions on digital business are the focus of this year’s Gartner Digital Workplace Summit. HB Communications joins Polycom for this event. Together, we will provide insights and solutions for the workplace of the future.

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