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Strategy and Approach in Creating a Digital Workplace

on February 05, 2021

As organizations around the world rethink the design of their workplace, technology continues to play a pivotal role in the changes that are likely to occur. While the workplace is constantly evolving technologically, the current landscape’s needs such as deploying a remote workforce and increasing adoption in video conferencing, is causing a rapid increase in this evolution.

There are multiple needs clients are challenged by or have been accelerated by the pandemic. This requires some additional thinking about strategy and approach. Creating highly engaging work environments and improving organizational communication occurs through the right business strategy, platform, and technology all coming together to create a digital workplace.

A Cisco survey of 1,569 global executives, knowledge workers, and those in key roles responsible for employee environments found that:
  • 58% Of the workforce expects to be working from home at least 8 days a month (post-COVID).
  • 98% Of the workforce reports frequent frustrations with video meetings at home.
  • 97% Of the workforce wants changes to make work environments safer.
  • 96% Of companies can provide better work environments with intelligent workplace technology.
  • 99% of companies are planning sweeping changes to the workplace as a result of COVID-19
  • 94% of companies say technology would benefit them by providing a safer work environment
  • 96% indicate they need intelligent workplace technology to improve work environments

All this to say, the research indicates there is a need for sweeping changings both in office and for the remote worker. However, the two biggest pain points to doing this well is how to effectively collaborate with content, and how to successfully meet that demand.

How to effectively collaborate with content
Collaboration is more than just video conferencing with coworkers. Instead, digital signage, video conferencing, and an organizations collaboration platform can come together to reach anyone. Content becomes key as new information, work updates, and other timely safety measures need to be pushed to an entire organization at once. However, many organizations have struggled to just that, disperse corporate communications and content to their remote workforce. When digital signage, video conferencing, and your collaboration platform work with one another, no communication is impossible. 

Choosing the right platform
The second consideration is that addressing this rapid increase in demand and allowing content and collaboration to combine in many ways must be addressed more strategically. A unified platform approach or architecture that can scale quickly to large numbers of users, be flexible across the physical workplace, the remote workplace, and serve the mobile worker, as well as business partners and customers is needed. Without a more strategic platform and architecture approach there will inevitably be needs not served and limited flexibility to adapt to requirements as they change. Choosing the right platform is part of business strategy and it allows you to integrate collaboration and content, allowing communication across the physical office, the remote workplace, and the mobile worker. By preemptively working through these needs, you won’t choose a communication platform that doesn’t reach all users or doesn’t allow for easy collaboration.

If you’re finding that tackling platform, business strategy, and communication is too much, HB is here to help. For each use case, though the need may be different, we offer the expertise and technologies to provide the strategic architecture along with platform technologies and tools needed to succeed. To help even further, HB has created a Digital Workplace guide that aims to breakdown the different parts of a digital workplace to create and perfect your new or upgraded space. Check it out or reach out with any questions with help getting started or updating your space.