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Reach Your Virtual Audience With A Broadcast Streaming Bundle

on June 03, 2020

High definition live broadcasts are becoming more accessible. In the recent past, there was no middle ground between consumer-level cameras and more professional-grade equipment. Now, what used to be a $100K or higher outlay for professional lighting and video production equipment is much more in reach.

Companies, churches, and educational institutions alike are making high res, low lag video a high priority. In these scenarios, on-site audio and video equipment are needed, along with live-streaming from one location to other designated sites.

While streaming to multiple sites is useful, currently, the need to reach audiences at home has increased. HB Communications has created a broadcast streaming bundle that can be customized for integration into an existing AV system or as stand-alone HD broadcast streaming solution. The bundles provide cost effective, high-end streaming and recording that promotes ease of use without any loss of quality to your viewing audience.

Being able to reach your viewer, anywhere, whether it be another location, at an organization, or at home is now possible with the ability to record and stream via Facebook Live, YouTube, or your personal web browser simultaneously.

The all-in-one Broadcast production hub provides HD streaming and recording capability as well as built-in reference monitor and switching capabilities between multiple sources or cameras, depending on the size of the bundle. The systems are built to be simple—users can enjoy a “one-touch to stream” or you can create a more robust broadcast production with an operator. For example, you could have a camera setup for close-ups, a camera setup as a wide shot, as well as a laptop for displaying graphics of any kind and switch between all three, on the fly.

Reach out to HB for a quote and how we can help you set up a broadcast streaming bundle.