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How Outsourcing AV Can Save Your Company Money

on July 31, 2018

Recently SmithBucklin, an association management company, released the findings from a study on outsourced services. The research involved 360 senior level executives of U.S. associations and professional groups. 81 percent of the participants outsource at least one service, with multimedia production being the most popular at 52 percent.

The study shows a growing need for outsourced multimedia services. An audiovisual system is a necessary component of a good multimedia structure. However, AV isn’t used everyday and hiring and maintaining staff to take care of it even when not in use can be an added burden. Every company’s bottom line goal is to save money and outsourcing AV can help achieve that goal.  Here are a few good reasons why you should start outsourcing now:

Save on Costs and Time

Hiring a third-party AV provider is a smart decision for most companies—regardless of how often your system is in use. Hardware costs will likely offset whether you use a third-party AV provider or an in-house system. Companies will see cost savings when it comes to staff.

If you are managing a system in-house, you’ll have to pay for employees to manage it—full time or part time, that option can get expensive. With an outsourced system, companies have set and predictable costs that include management and maintenance fees.

In addition, one of the benefits of using a third-party system is getting to pick and choose what you need. If you’re buying an in-house system, often times you end up buying hardware that you don’t need. A third-party provider eliminates this problem. Companies pay for what they need. 

Up-to-date equipment, technicians, and Expertise

One of the considerations when outsourcing AV is an opportunity to use up-to-date equipment and take advantage of the expertise of professionals hired and trained in the field of audiovisual. Most AV outsourcing companies are always on the watch for the latest equipment to offer their customers, while in-house providers usually have a limited collection of equipment, some likely to be as old five years or more.

Outsourcing companies also apply a set of standards for experience levels and often hire certified technicians. They assign a specialized team dedicated to take care of the AV needs of the event, as opposed to an in-house team that may be minding simultaneous events at different locations within the same venue.

include an option for virtual attendance

Attending meetings and other official events in person is expensive especially when attendees travel long distances and the company is footing the bill. These extra costs can be eliminated if companies use a third-party provider that offers video conferencing and virtual collaboration.

Have More Options on pricing and services

With a variety of AV outsourcing companies, you have more choices that fit the requirements of your event. Outsourcing companies usually offer better rates than those of the in-house provider. Once you’ve chosen a provider, you can arrange a package of company events lined up for the year to leverage a lower price. Being the biggest AV outsourcing expense, labor can also be negotiated upfront to keep your budget intact.

foster a long-term Partnership

Partnering with an AV outsourcing company can be the start of improved services and better prices for future projects. The business relationship you may have fostered can continue from venue to venue with the same consistency of quality. An in-house AV provider is tied to one venue and is, thus, constrained to continue serving you in other venues.

Planning and managing an event, whether it’s a small meeting or large conference, can be a logistical nightmare. The mounting pressure on event planners to deliver optimum results on a meager budget makes it even tougher. These and saving money for your company are enough reasons why you should outsource your AV.

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