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MobilePro And The Newly Launched ACC Network

on August 29, 2019

A project three years in the making is coming to fruition for ESPN and the Atlantic Coast Conference. The ACC Network, the new channel of ACC sports will launch with the 2019 college football season. The network will be operated entirely by ESPN and will be available for streaming and as a cable channel.

What’s most interesting is the approach the network is taking to reach its viewers. They have both an OTT strategy and a cable channel. Its launch comes against a backdrop of changing viewership and big money to air college sports. The channel will be available online through Hulu, Sling, YouTube, and a few others and will also be carried by DirecTV, Verizon, Charter, and Optimum.

The ACC is one of the Power Five conference and their entrance into the cable and streaming world is a sign of the importance of the interest in viewing college sports. For example, the Big Ten Network reaches 57 million homes. In comparison, ESPN reaches about 85 million homes. That’s a lot of viewers.

Why should your school care?

Increasing your college’s viewing both online, and on a cable network can bring in better talent for your school. Given that the cost of coaching salaries, more opulent facilities, and broadcast studios cost millions, this may seem difficult without incurring debt. The MobilePro Suite are mobile, scalable, broadcast solutions. They’re able to stream and produce content for ESPN3 and ESPN+. And they don’t cost millions.

Sal DeMaio, Vice President of Broadcast at HB Communications notes that, “Conventional construction costs and running fiber lines across campus are alleviated by a mobile trailer. With MobilePro, you can pull up to the field, plug in, and go.”

News of the ACC Network is an indicator that college sports are reaching greater and greater audiences through a variety of means. Cable, streaming, and individual school sites are the name of the game. MobilePro can help bring your sports to a new and greater audiences.