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Keeping Your Globalized Organization Well Connected with AV Technology

on August 29, 2018

Globalization and AV Technology

You’re a borderless company. You’re as likely to have your corporate headquarters in or near a major U.S. city as remote sales and operations staff cultivating and executing in new markets across the globe.

Speed to market means everything. You participate in an intense competition for employees with critical skill sets across the world.

Those were some of the predictions of what the workplace will look like in 2030 from a study conducted by consulting firm PwC. While that may be the workplace of the future, for many leaders—perhaps you—it’s a reality of today.

The “borderless company”—fueled by innovations in technology, changing government regulations, and the perpetual spread of globalization—represents an exciting new step. However, with such growth and transformation, the possibilities for success are only equaled by the challenges to get there.

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Communication is the most crucial job requirement at any company. When companies are spread out across the globe, they need reliable technology to connect with staff and customers. On the home front, you want workplaces that motivate and inspire your team to innovate and freely communicate. As your company grows and spreads across the world, it’s imperative to keep your corporate culture intact so everyone feels like they are on one team. AV technology is the best way to keep the changing offices and remote workers on the same page so your company can flourish. 

Having the perfect workplace to accomplish this seems like a tall order. There are budgets to consider and critical decisions to make. What technology do you need? What workspaces need improvement? Who is going to manage it?

The truth is, creating a plan that will leverage your AV technology to help you meet your goals is not difficult. At HB Communications, we work every day with companies to help get the most out of technology so they can reach their goals. Through the redesign of our corporate headquarters, we created a holistic approach to applying AV technology in ways that truly impact the business. We named the process the Audiovisual Ecosystem.

When orchestrated correctly, your “workplace of the future” is going to serve your company’s needs for years and beyond. As you think about what your “borderless company” will look like, here are some examples of how AV technology and design will get you there.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is popular, whether you are a global business or not. More than 60 percent of CFOs approve of it because it reduces travel costs across an organization. Video conferencing also lends itself perfectly for connecting with remote employees, clients, or prospects in new markets. Have a call in Europe or Asia? Meet “face-to-face” over a video screen to develop rapport and visually show your product instead of describing it over the phone.

Digital Signage and Interactive Experiences

You want your employees and customers to feel connected to your brand, right? The proper mix of AV technology and creative content design can improve global experience and connectivity for you. As your organization continues to evolve, you need to create active engagement and communication channels for your workforce and customers. Digital signage, video walls, and an interactive experience design do the work for you. They’ll improve communication, drive essential messaging, and make people feel connected to your brand via the experience. 

Collaboration Spaces

Rarely are important projects done in a vacuum. With companies hiring employees who possess unique skill sets and consultants to fill the gaps, small teams of key workers often tackle projects. Collaboration spaces allow them to come together to generate their ideas and take action. Collaboration, like your technology, is also attractive to millennial candidates. However, like everything in the future workplace, collaboration spaces are designed with the remote employee or customer in mind—think about how video collaboration and other AV technology can assist in creating the best experience.

How we communicate is essential to the future of any company. Discover how a holistic AV strategy can help you make the best decisions for your company’s future. Click here to visit the Audiovisual Ecosystem and see how HB Communications used a sensible step-by-step approach to creating the “workplace of the future.”