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How To Set AV Strategy Goals As A Team

on May 23, 2019


Digital Transformation

Developing an AV strategy for your digital transformation includes a number of different tasks including goal setting. This strategy helps to outline your investment and use of technology. But setting the goals for that strategy can seem like a big task. Whose input do you prioritize? What team do you put together? How do you create the best user and customer experience? How do you take feedback and make the best decisions possible? All of this comes down to making sure the right team is involved.

Eventually, as part of your digital transformation you will have to drill down into the specifics and that’s where feedback becomes necessary. Every person in your organization is affected by the technology in your office. If video calls don’t work, meetings can’t happen. If collaboration spaces don’t run smoothly, IT will have to fix them. If the space isn’t up to date, you can’t attract the right talent.  

Starting with feedback is a strong way to ensure your organization comes together as one. When HB Communications decided to renovate our building and launch our AV Ecosystem project, we went into the project with all of the above in mind. “We knew the decisions being made were mostly based on brand experience, communication, and workplace design. In order to make the right decisions in these areas we needed input from more than just the technology team,” said Dan Barron, VP of Marketing at HB.

Our Goals

We wanted our digital transformation to change how we work together, so we spoke to the teams within our organization to come up with these goals:

CEO and Executive Team

  • Enable organic and seamless collaboration
  • Modernize the workplace environment
  • Improve overall organizational communication
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Stimulate innovation and productivity
  • Immerse employees in culture of organization
  • Create a space to host events

Marketing Team

  • Enhance brand and customer experience
  • Improve internal marketing and messaging
  • Enable on-site content production

Information Technologies Team

  • Ensure network compatibility
  • Standardize IT/AV platform and infrastructure
  • Develop and execute a service and support methodology
  • Ensure systems are easy to adopt

Finance Team

  • Reduce travel costs
  • Maximize technology ROI
  • Increase employee efficiency and productivity

Setting goals can be difficult, and asking the right questions, even more so, so HB Communications tackled the problem from the angle of acting as our own client. Dana Barron, CEO of HB said he saw the renovation as “opportunity to rethink our strategy of how we apply technology throughout our organization. We had two major goals in mind, one is improving communication at every level in the organization, really transforming the way that we work, second, improve the overall experience for our coworkers, our clients, and our vendors.” We knew that improving the employee experience had to start with improving our own experience.

HB Communications can help you create your own digital transformation to improve collaboration, communication, and brand experience at your organization.