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Helping Newtown Start Fresh with New AV Equipment

on January 17, 2013

We'd like to give our many thanks to Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) for acknowledging our efforts and for sending the following message of recognition to their members and affiliates. On December 14, 2012, the students and their parents, the teachers and administrators, and everyone associated with Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut experienced a life-changing tragedy. It was determined that classes would not resume at the existing school building but instead, they would move to the nearby Chalk Hill Middle School. The Sandy Hook building and its contents, including educational AV equipment, such as Smart interactive whiteboards, were either part of the crime scene or too damaged. Many of those boards, therefore, could not be moved to the new school.

On December 21, HB Communications, Inc. CEO, Dana Barron, and his team of AV system integrators, toured the new location. They identified the AV equipment that would be needed to allow classes to resume using technology already familiar to Sandy Hook students and teachers. The challenge: to source and install this audio visual equipment by January 2, before classes resumed on the 3rd. We at PSNI are so proud to have affiliates who demonstrate such compassion and commitment to filling an important community need. Our gratitude and appreciation goes out to everyone at HB Communications who participated, and the companies that were able to support the effort. And now, Dana's follow-up letter:

This year is off to a special start, thanks to many of our partners, employees, and friends who helped HB Communications with the Newtown project. As of December 30, HB had completed the Chalk Hill school installation, which commenced just three days before. 37 classrooms received new Smart boards, Mitsubishi projectors and audio systems, as well as the library receiving two Sharp 70" interactive displays. We also retrieved four Smart Rover systems from Sandy Hook School, and have them ready for any future use the school system sees fit.

Special thanks to Mitsubishi, Sharp, Smart, Chief Manufacturing, and Cables To Go, who donated all the hardware, and went out of their way during the holidays, to make sure equipment arrived on time. I also I want to thank the PSNI membership for their support on this project, and for the many thoughtful emails we received.

Accomplishing this project in the necessary time frame was only possible with a complete team effort, and everyone at HB Communications should be proud to have been a member of that team.

The kids, teachers, administrators, and families of Newtown experienced the unthinkable that fateful Friday, their lives forever changed. Maybe this effort, and efforts to follow, will in some way help move forward to better times.

Happy New Year,

Dana Barron, CEO HB Communications, Inc.

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