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HB Evolves Brand, Services, and Website

on February 07, 2020

HB is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website and evolved brand.

The intention of this evolution is to improve our user experience, launch new services, and to communicate our solutions in a way that is easy for customers to engage and understand. 

In an effort to strengthen our primary focus: to connect you, the new site navigation aims to better serve our clients and those looking to learn more about HB Communications, HB Live, and our work. We sought to make our customers’ lives easier by providing a cleaner and simpler user experience.

Dan Barron, VP of marketing said, “In an industry where we do so much, it’s really important to ensure we are doing all we can to simplify the message and user experience for our customers so that they can find what they want and need, quickly and in a user-friendly manner.”

HB’s mission is to evolve the way the world communicates and connects using visual communication technology. Given this, we’re introducing our Creative Services division which helps customers to deploy successful digital signage and experiential environments through custom content and experience design.

Also, to further improve how our customers communicate and connect, our Live Events solution, HB Live, is now integrated into the HB brand to help improve our customers’ live event needs. You can learn more about HB Live under their solutions page, Live Events, on the new site.

To transform how our customers connect, we focus on creating environments that enhance communication, collaboration, and brand experience by providing a full suite of solutions and services. Our highly talented and experienced team provides our clients with the best and now the evolving brand and website is the outward visualization of our inward work on our culture, our employees, and company as a whole.

Dana Barron, CEO added, “Our industry technologies have always been perceived as complex because that is how we presented them historically. We are evolving to simplify the conversation to address the client benefits, use cases, and overall experiences visual communication solutions provide. We feel this is more meaningful to our partners as it truly aligns us in the partnership.”

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