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Expand Your Reach With The MobilePro Suite

on July 31, 2019


The new suite of MobilePro trailers and van by HB Communications is your mobile solution for streaming straight to ESPN3 and beyond. NCAA schools can increase their reach and viewership. The suite of trailer and van options exceed ESPN3 specs and allow you to live stream to your school website, ESPN3 or ESPN+, and a jumbotron all at the same time. This mobile solution negates the need for running fiber across campus and incurs no overhead construction. MobilePro helps to draw talent to both your communications and athletics communities too. NCAA schools can utilize the suite of broadcast solutions right from the start; they are ready for complete, start to finish, professional broadcasting.

HB’s partner, Al Fong, president of All-Star Sports Technologies previously worked at ESPN and helped to develop the ESPN3 workflow. “This new workflow; it makes the smallest switches more powerful. The graphics platform is doing most of the work,” Al notes. The suite of options services all school sizes and needs.

See The MobilePro Suite In Action And Learn How HB Can Transform Your Broadcast

The specs of the trailer; a 24-input video switcher, a 32-input digital audio mixer and 4, 1080i HD-quality broadcast cameras and lenses all come together to make broadcasting seamless. This turnkey broadcasting solution is easy to use, and students are utilizing the tech from day one. They are learning how to use, operate, and breakdown Hitachi cameras, a Ross Carbonite switcher, graphics packages from ESPN, and replay operations through an Avid PlayMaker system.

The mobility of the trailer is a huge plus. Rider University was between a master control room and the scalable HB MobilePro Trailer. The biggest obstacle to a control room: how do you broadcast a baseball game from one room when the game is going on all the way across campus or in another state? Chris Foster, Assistant Athletic Director for Digital and New Media at Rider said he wanted “viewers at home that watch our broadcast to be able to turn on ESPN and watch a Duke, UNC basketball game and turn on ESPN3 and watch a Rider, Marist game and see no difference in quality, no difference in broadcast, and the trailer enables us to do that.” They opted for an HB trailer because it gives them that quality.

In February of 2019 Rider was invited to bring the trailer to Albany to the Times Union Center to broadcast the first three days of the MAC (Mid-American Conference) men’s and women’s basketball championship. They shot 14 games in 3 days with a 13-member crew of Bronc staff.



Similarly, Manhattan College opted to utilize a MobilePro trailer not just as a new, technologically advanced classroom, but as a way to produce live broadcasts of their NCAA Division I athletic events. The trailer allows them to announce and produce prepackaged segments to air during tournaments.

Reach Any Audience

The HB MobilePro trailer can help your school receive more ESPN3 coverage. NCAA schools can shoot their own video and stream live. Needing only 13-15 crew members for ESPN3 programming, the trailers are a great option for schools looking to increase their broadcasting reach.

Is your school ready to be viewed nationally on a range of devices? From smartphones and tablets via the WatchESPN app, to streaming on televisions through Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, the amount of people viewing your sports will increase substantially. Reach out to HB for more information on the MobilePro suite.