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Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Scanning

on July 08, 2020

Organizations are seeking new ways to protect their staff and guests. Using Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) scanners at their points of entry is a highly visible front-line tool that not only provides efficient initial screening, but demonstrates an organization is committed to keeping staff and visitors safe.

HB is currently offering the GoodView’s SV1080-series of kiosk solutions. Top-level features of the scanners which include a temperature scanner kiosk with a wall mount, a temperature scanner with a table stand, and a temperature scanner kiosk with two different floor stands are:

  • Contactless: the entire unit is no-touch, from the moment it’s plugged in
  • Aimable: units tilt up or down for standing or seated users or children
  • Face detection: the unit wakes up and provides visual and spoken prompts when a person faces the unit
  • Mask detection: the unit provides visual and spoken responses when a mask is not worn (this feature can be disabled)
  • Pass/Fail: the unit displays the temperature, has a green/red indicator, and provides an audible alert
  • Accurate: results are within ±0.5°C

Advanced features, those that can be established by the organization, include:

  • Facial Recognition and Logging: works even when a mask is worn
  • Network-Management: free software for “fleet” management
  • Access Control Integration: LAN, RS232, Relay, Wiegand outputs

The GoodView scanners are easy to use and include only a few components:

  • Thermal imaging camera/ sensor
  • Computing device and/ or display (i.e. a tablet)
  • Software
  • Utilization/ integration practices

HB has tested a number of other EBT scanners and found that the GoodView SV-1080 series has been the most reliable and easy to use. Note that these units are not intended to diagnose any medical condition, are not FDA-approved, but are instead, geared to help organizations pre-screen their foot traffic in a contactless way, from a safe distance, with no HIPPA issues.

HB currently uses these devices at the entrance to our buildings. Erin Roesler, SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources at HB noted, “During this pandemic we have been evaluating every option to increase safety and decrease the risks of transmission for COVID-19. The temperature stations are a great solution which adds a layer of protection for our employees. We have found them to be accurate, reliable, and easy to use!”

We are committed to helping organizations stay safe as they slowly reopen and allow staff and visitors to their buildings. Please reach out for further information or for a quote.