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AV Integrators: The Secret Weapon You Didn't Know You Needed

on May 30, 2019

Audiovisual systems integrators don’t wear capes, but they have been known to swoop in and save a meeting room. They don’t have superpowers, but they can be your secret weapon when it comes to designing, building, and managing AV systems. They can answer your questions, solve your complex technology challenges, and partner with you for your long-term changes and growth. Here are five ways integrators can give you a hidden advantage.

1. AV Integrators Offer Invaluable Insights

They’re not clairvoyant, but they are good at discovering what you need by asking the right questions. Though they can provide help at any point, projects go more smoothly when you bring them in early. AV systems integrators are the IT professional’s secret weapon because they provide information that will keep you and your company from making costly mistakes. With an AV integrator in your corner, you’ll find it easier to manage AV projects to successful outcomes—particularly when it’s new construction or renovation.

2. They Put You In The Know

Your AV systems integrator always "knows a guy." Whether you need a furniture vendor, an MEP firm, a low-voltage contractor—or another specialist for your equipment or spaces—you can ask your integrator and have confidence in their recommendation. Their connections become your secret weapon because your bosses and colleagues will think of you as someone who always knows who to call. 

3. AV Integrators Share Their Brain Power

Your integrator can not only make you seem more connected, but they can also make you smarter. No question is too dumb for them, and they are always willing to take the time to explain the considerations, systems, processes, and outcomes. They can keep you updated on industry trends and the latest technology. You’ll have the information your team needs and be viewed as an informed resource in team meetings.

 4. They Provide X-Ray-Style Visibility

Your AV systems integrator gives you valuable visibility into space and equipment usage. Though they can’t exactly give you the power to see through meeting room walls, they help “see” what’s really happening in those spaces. By managing and monitoring meeting room systems, integrators not only help you collect useful data, but they ensure rooms are always working, the equipment is updated, and executives and employees are happy.

5. AV Integrators Jump Locations In A Single Bound

As a PSNI Global Alliance Member, HB Communications can combine forces to give you the same high-quality solution anywhere in the world. Whether you’re upgrading meeting rooms in your European offices or adding a new branch office in Asia, you can work with HB as your local integrator who already understands your business and room standards. 

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You don’t need top-level security clearance to put this secret weapon in your AV project arsenal, but according to an AVTechnology article, you should be prepared to monitor AV like IT and add proactive security to support your AV. HB Communications can help with that. We offer assistance for all your AV systems.

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