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So, You’ve Been Hacked…Now What?

on November 29, 2016

In a world of sophisticated cyber criminals, it’s not a question of if you’ll be hacked—it’s a question of when. While prevention is a major element in any cyber security strategy, that’s no...

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AI-Powered Drones Are Coming: What It Means for Business

on November 15, 2016

IBM Watson recently partnered with a drone company in search of new advancements. The result? Artificial intelligence (AI) powered drones. Advanced computer programming lets drones make decisions...

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Smart Beacons Change the Marketing Game

on November 08, 2016

Mobile technology is a global force—not simply because it makes our lives easier—but because it connects us. Location-based marketing is a powerful tool for connectivity, and it’s making great...

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Smart Buildings Are the Building Blocks for Smart Cities

on November 01, 2016

The way we travel, communicate, learn, relax—even how we wake up in the morning—has all been transformed by technological advancements. The buildings we work and play in are no different. Some...

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