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Is Skype About To Find Its Way Into Your Browser?

on November 24, 2014

Microsoft has recently announced a brand new feature for Skype – its web version. The web version will allow users to make video calls via Skype without having to download the Skype application....

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Tech Adoption Thrives in an Organization that Promotes its Use

on November 21, 2014

Communication is the key to unlock the cultural barriers in any organization. The easier it is for employees to access the channels of communication, the faster the journey to implement a unified...

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Emergencies Fostering Video Conferencing Growth

on November 19, 2014

A recent article in IRMagazine.com discussed how video conferencing is emerging as a viable solution for companies in crisis. It cited the example of a “mega-cap” healthcare company in the U.S that...

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Bringing Home the Workplace with Unified Communications

on November 17, 2014

With the concept of remote workplace finding many takers, today’s offices are no longer confined to brick-and-mortar locations. Instead, your office is where you are. But to make it work like it...

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The Life-Changing Power of IoT

on November 14, 2014

A recent article in the Top Tech News, discussed how Internet of Things will transform lives in days to come. Internet of Things (IoT) is an all-pervasive technology that has the power to not only...

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MarketsandMarkets Reports Offers Insights into the Current Mobile UC Market

on November 12, 2014

According to a recent press release on Digital Journal, MarketsandMarkets has released a new report titled "Mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration Market by Solutions (Conferencing, Unified...

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Design Keys to Maximizing Digital Signage

on November 10, 2014

Digital signage has great potential when it comes to capturing audience attention and promoting customer engagement. But when it comes to engagement, what makes it work are both the design...

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Exploring Virtual Reality for UC

on November 07, 2014

When it comes to unified communications (UC), innovation takes place on a regular basis. While this technology has a wide area of application, leading unified communications (UC) vendors are always...

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Seek Consistency in Your Business Partnerships

on November 05, 2014

Just like technology that rides on the success of consistent efforts, good business partnership relies heavily on the level of consistency between the partners. By consistency, what we mean is the...

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Does Cognitive Computing Have a Role in The Future of Unified Communications?

on November 03, 2014

Businesses investing in unified communications are looking forward to harnessing more benefits from it than just being able to communicate from a single platform. They are increasingly warming up to...

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