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HB Announces MobilePro Trailers

on June 20, 2019

Scalable Broadcast Trailers Stream Straight to ESPN3 and ESPN+

With post production and broadcast becoming an ever-important feature for Universities’ sports teams, both as a way to live-stream games, and as a way to recruit talent, HB has devised a creative solution to the age-old, in-house broadcast studio.

Today, HB Communications is pleased to announce its MobilePro trailers. These mobile, scalable, broadcast solutions are the first of its kind; able to stream and produce content for ESPN3 and ESPN+.

Sal DeMaio, Vice President of Broadcast at HB Communications notes that, “Conventional construction costs and running fiber lines across campus are alleviated by a mobile trailer. With MobilePro, you can pull up to the field, plug in, and go.”

See The MobilePro Suite In Action And Learn  How HB Can Transform Your Broadcast.


HB has partnered with All-Star Sports Technologies to create a suite of fully-customizable trailers, further establishing itself in the broadcast and production sector as one of the few providers of mobile broadcast studios. SignPro’s exterior graphics increase brand recognition, Hitachi cameras, a Ross Carbonite switcher, graphics packages from ESPN, and replay operations through an Avid PlayMaker all come together to help produce the best content. This turnkey solution is easy to use and collegiate students are learning and utilizing the technology from day one.

Al Fong, President of All-Star Sports Technologies notes, “Branding has become extremely important in today’s business world. Whether you’re a corporate entity or a college entity; attracting those students or athletes to that school and giving them that confidence and then empowering them to do those shows has been the greatest.”

Why A MobilePro Trailer

The MobilePro trailers combine human interaction and the newest technology to bring not just university sports to ESPN but to go further. Smaller colleges, high schools, companies, and government agencies can use these trailers to stream live to YouTube, Facebook Live, or their own website to further their brand. HB is making broadcast manageable at a scale not seen before.