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10 Ways Your Digital Signage Should Be Working For You

on January 21, 2021

2020 was an unpredictable year as organizations pivoted and employees worked from home in a full- and part-time capacity. As organizations prepare to make a return to the office, some employees are hoteling at different desks and may not even be in the office on the same day every week. These changes have made creating an engaged workplace a challenge. However, this is where digital signage can help to further engagement, communication, and connection among employees no matter where they are.

Physical digital signage displays, and digital signage integration serve as more than just a way to promote your brand. Making your digital signage platform and integration work for you is an easy way to relay in-office safety measures, organizational communications, and news. Digital signage can keep employees in the know anywhere they may be.

10 ways your digital signage and digital signage strategy should be working harder for you:

1. Reach a remote audience
Organizations can send digital signage content through integration with collaboration platforms. Employees will receive digital signage content “pings” on Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, or other such platforms. They can also access content through embedded URLs or online portals.

2. Support hot desking or hoteling
Room booking integration and checking space availability is essential for a safe office space and guaranteed social distancing.

3. Promote safe and healthy practices
Make sure all employees are aligned with company expectations for social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing, and other safe practices through digital signage.

4. Support check-ins and temperature checks
Digital signage can ensure that all individuals coming to your building have a safe body temperature. Additionally, having a check-in system serves as a way to account for visitors.

5. Utilize automated feeds to supplement and boost content
Automated feeds can fill the gap in content while still being relevant to your organization. They can include industry-specific infotainment and news, organization-relevant social media content, or content posted in a collaboration platform that is pushed automatically to your digital signage.

6. Convert interactive digital signage into a touchless experience
Eliminate shared touched surfaces by converting interactive displays into a touchless experience. Workarounds include enabling voice commands or allowing mobile phones to remotely control an interactive display.

7. Optimize content to scale to any signage display or content zone
By working with content templates that take your display resolutions and content zone sizes into consideration, your messaging will never be cut off or look too small. Some templates are even responsive, where you can design your messaging just once and it will scale to portrait displays, landscape displays, or any custom resolution displays.

8. Establish a hierarchy or organizational standard for content
Organizing your content by department, office location, audience type, message importance, and other categories allows your messaging to reach the right audience at the right time and place. Localized messaging only needs to reach certain displays while higher-level content can reach everyone.

9. Give content contributors the permissions they need
Fix that Goldilocks conundrum with the right permissions. Content contributors need to have access to just the right information. Too much, and the platform can overwhelm them. Too little, and they’ll be hindered from being able to post their digital signage content.

10. Brand your digital signage messaging
Make sure that your content is branded to your organization to ensure your content looks professional and shows relevance to your audience.

How HB Can Help
HB’s Digital Signage experts can assist in developing or improving your digital signage and your digital signage strategy. HB will ensure that your visual communications are optimized for both in-office and remote experiences. We specialize in bringing together content strategy and development, platform integration, and branded layout and content design to make sure your digital signage aligns best with your organization’s communication needs. We’re happy to evaluate your organization’s current digital signage utilization, discuss how to alleviate any current pain points, and strategize on ways to improve your organization’s digital signage experience.

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