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What Is UC: Simplifying a Complex Topic

on May 08, 2014

Unified Communications, the most unspecific highly specific catch phrase for all things collaboration ever invented. Are we right?

If I were a CIO and the CEO sent down a directive to deploy enterprise Unified Communications, what in the world would you buy?

This isn’t a new question, but as the term continues to have legs and the solution sets continue to evolve, the great debate rages on as to what really is Unified Communications?

In this great article from No Jitter, the term Unified Communications is explored and some clarity as to what it really means and how it may be better described is discussed.

Click here to give the article a read and join our conversation on the topic. If your company wants to learn more about how Unified Communications can improve productivity and collaboration, give the team at HB a call and we will gladly help you out.