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Video Teller: Mobile Banking

on August 27, 2014

With the growing convenience of mobile banking, the “Branch System” is changing. For most, their bank visits have shrunk by a large magnitude and that is because most just don’t require the walk in services they once did.

In fact, this may be the vary reason that large banks like Ally have had such success. They basically said, “Forget the branch, we will just give you better rates.” Makes sense right?

But sometimes you still do need help and as we know when it comes to our money and our finances we like to get face to face; well at least most people.

This is exactly why we found this article from our friends at Vidyo so interesting.  In this article they talk about how they are deploying telepresence technology to create a virtual teller experience.

We have already seen this with things like the Kindle Fire where you can get someone on video real time if you are having trouble with your device. But think just how valuable this could be for the banking and financial industry?

So many industries could benefit from allowing people to connect securely, in real time, via video. This is one great example of what is possible with current unified communications technologies.

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