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Education: The Key To Cloud Video Adoption

on June 10, 2014

Over the past 3-5 years just about everyone that is online has engaged with some type of free or low cost video conferencing service. Skype, Google and Facetime are the first to come to mind.

Having said that, these new and inexpensive forms of video communication are sometimes seen as disruptors to more traditional video conferencing and telepresence and in almost all cases they are seen as more cost efficient methods, but this begs a question. What is the cost of the cost savings?

If you are more familiar with the way free applications work, then you are probably aware of things like security risks and terms of service that can affect the way you use these products. Most of these products are good for casual video communication and maybe even light business use, however, with no quality of service (QoS) nor a focus on security of data and information, they hardly stand up to more robust business requirements.

What it comes down according to one CRN writer is education.  The key is helping businesses and technology leaders understand the value of business grade video communication in the cloud and why free and freemium products won’t work.

Interested in finding out how video in the cloud may work for your business enterprise? Let the experts at HB help you understand what is available and what is the right solution for your company.