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How Cloud Computing and Technology Enable Better Communication

on January 03, 2017

The way we communicate within our businesses and throughout our workdays has been forever changed by technology, and chances are good that will continue to change at a rapid rate. Technology,...

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How to Take Your Video Collaboration to the Next Level

on August 15, 2016

Four walls no longer confine today’s businesses. We can instantly connect with people on the opposite side of the planet, close deals across oceans, and collaborate with partners on other...

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Five Benefits of Video Conferencing

on August 04, 2016

Video conferencing capabilities are no longer considered a high-tech luxury—they’re an affordable, practical, and nearly required technological staple for any business. If your organization hasn’t...

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Wireless Bandwidth and Web Conferencing Next Trends in Higher Education

on July 11, 2016

It's common to discuss web conferencing and other audio/visual collaboration systems as tools belonging to the corporate world, but they have real applications in a number of other markets, too....

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The History (and Benefits) of Video Collaboration

on May 24, 2016

Video collaboration hasn’t always been easy. Here's a look back, plus a link our free white paper Workflow Design. Making Video Collaboration Easy.

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Mobility, Accessibility, and the Future of Video Collaboration

on May 17, 2016

The future of video collaboration is user experience. Download our white paper Exploring the Future of Video Collaboration: Simple Workflow, Better Experiences for more.

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Real World Collaboration: Four Industries Applying Videoconference Tech Today

on May 11, 2016

Video collaboration is changing business practices in a wide range of industries. Check out our white paper—Exploring the Future of Video Collaboration: Simple Workflow, Better Experiences—to see...

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Deployment Is Half the Battle: Crafting a Videoconference Adoption Strategy

on May 02, 2016

Enterprise videoconferencing adoption can be a huge boon for your business – but only if the whole organization uses it. Download our free whitepaper today to learn more.

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