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The Value of Video Conferencing

on August 29, 2014

For many companies, the use of Video Conferencing still seems to be overkill. Conference calls, live meetings, and email are less costly and easier some may say.

But in all reality, those things aren’t necessarily the case because they don’t take into consideration all of the costs and lost benefits that can take place when video telepresence isn’t put to use.

According to some studies video conferencing and collaboration can be anywhere from 4-8x more effective in terms of retention than a conference call or email communication. And as your organization grows, this can be exponential.

Using telepresence technology you are able to gain all of the benefits of being face to face but without lost time in commute, and even short meetings can get the “In real life” benefit.

Our friends at Lifesize did a nice job of summing up how to explain the benefits of video conferencing. If you are looking for some smart thoughts on how to sell the story and value behind telepresence technologies it is definitely worth a read!

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