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Seeking ROI on UC

on October 31, 2014

Unified communications (UC) is being embraced by organizations as one of the most effective ways to enhance their business operations. As an integrated solution for communication, UC brings together several communication services such as audio and video conferencing, email, voice mail, and messaging as a single application across multiple devices.

According to a recent whitepaper, UC has enabled businesses to improve productivity and reduce costs as much as up to 40% by offering a seamless integration with cloud and also allowing business to fully benefit from the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach.

Considering the wide-ranging benefits, businesses are not only investing in unified communications, but they are realizing high returns on their investments as well. However, they still have a chance of reaping twice the ROI on UC by extending their UC dependence from only communication to collaboration.        

In an article on Techday.com, Soren Schoennemann, Managing Director of global communications solution provider, Jabra, discussed how businesses can double their ROI on unified communications by simply taking full advantage of the technology available. Since most organizations limit their use of UC as a way to communicate, they don’t get the full-range of benefits of UC that could enable them to “collaborate, create, and innovate together.”    

Collaboration is the future of UC investments, which will allow organizations to strengthen their core interactions such as brainstorming, exchanging new ideas, spreading news and information, and so on. And the best part is that organizations can gain leverage from UC-enabled collaboration with the use of technologies in which they are currently investing. Schoennemann showed some interesting stats ato support his discussion. He cited a recent Cisco study that calculated an ROI of 103% over a period of three years, while another study by Aberdeen Research revealed that 79% of all companies get an ROI on unified communications within the first 12 months.

The article also speaks about a Frost & Sullivan report that shows how a company witnessed a growth in productivity and efficiency across multiple departments including product development, sales and marketing, public relations, and human resources by installing unified communication and collaboration.  

To put it together, companies who have invested in UC can gain a competitive edge from utilizing their existing UC framework for collaboration purposes. As such, UC offers the lucrative benefits of gaining double ROI from a single investment.     

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