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How an Experienced Event Consultant Betters Live Events

on September 09, 2015

Your business events should positively impact your brand reputation and bottom line. Here’s how hiring an experienced event consultant can help them do just that.

If you think filling the shoes of an event manager is easy, think again; there’s a reason why the position made the list of the top 10 most stressful jobs of 2015. An event coordinator gets the lion’s share of responsibility—as well as the accountability for anything that goes wrong. There’s no room for error, and certainly no second chance to make that first impression, during live events that put a brand’s reputation and future success on the line. Hiring an experienced event consultant can turn a run-of-the-mill event into one that will be remembered and talked about by everyone in attendance.

There’s a lot at stake for any organization that hosts an event, which is why an event consultant should be an integral part of the planning process. However, many companies consider them an extravagance when they already have resources on staff that they think can handle the job.

That DIY approach is an easy way to doom an event. Why? Because employees may be outstanding in their own domains, but they lack three major strengths of a good event planner: Experience, a solid network of relevant contacts, and time to focus on making the event a success.

When you hand an employee the event planner’s hat, they’re often wearing it for the first time. They may spend weeks or even months finding their footing—while juggling other responsibilities—and looking for suppliers and vendors that have a solid reputation and reasonable rates. This is not an easy task; event planners spend years creating the relationships that enable them to connect with top providers and negotiate the best prices.

Event consultants have everything from decor, catering, entertainment, venue selection, and even media relations under control; they literally take the headache out of planning and managing live events.

Why Event Consultants Are Your Best Choice for Live Events

1. They are a Dedicated Force

A professional event consultant will plan an event that’s aligned with your business ideologies, goals, and budget. Live events are a direct reflection of your business’ potential and leadership; they put your reputation on the line with no buffer, and you don’t want to risk it by putting forth half-baked efforts. This is exactly what happens when you expect employees to split their time between core responsibilities and event planning. Since event consultants are fully dedicated to planning your corporate event, you can let them organize everything while your in-house team focuses on what they do best.

2. They Know How to Avoid Risk

Established and reputable event producers are experienced enough to know how to avoid common pitfalls and failures. When something does go wrong, they know how to effectively manage a crisis. Identifying and understanding points of failure and using experience to mitigate something as simple as a microphone failing (with appropriate redundancy or backup) comes second nature to these professionals. So, when you are asked to block out time for a full walk-through rehearsal, remember that this is all part of identifying and avoiding risks.

3. They. Know. Everyone!

Event planners are resourceful people who can arrange almost everything with a few taps on their cellphone: Booking talent for a fundraiser, pitching your event to local media, or finding a replacement when one of your speakers cancels at the last minute. With industry-wide connections and rich experience, they can effortlessly handle details, people, and priorities.

4. They Keep the Pressure Off Your Employees

Your employees are already overloaded by their own targets and deadlines; getting them to plan and manage a major event is asking a lot. Plus, stretching an in-house team too thin can hurt your business. Imagine how clients will feel when service and attention drop off because your employees are busy arranging your corporate event. To keep your work place productive and efficient, it’s important to allow people to focus on their own areas of responsibility. While key employees must be involved enough to be able to provide accurate and timely information when needed, and available to answer pertinent questions of the even production staff, let your overall marketing team handle the marketing campaigns, and hire a professional event consultant to manage your next big event.

Technology is at the Heart of Live Business Events

At the core of live corporate events today is a lot of technology—from projectors and microphones to online registration and live streaming, there is a lot to coordinate and manage. Organizing corporate events requires weeks, and sometimes months, of planning and setup: Presentations need to be tested and in place, the audio/visual equipment needs to work flawlessly, and the venue’s Internet connection needs to be able to handle the increased demand.
If the event involves remote participants, you might require video conferencing facilities, too. Good event consultants have the expertise to handle such advanced technologies; they’ll confirm the equipment is installed well in advance and have multiple rehearsals to make sure it all works properly.

Experience has taught event planners who the most reliable vendors are; they’ll find a provider who will look after any last minute problems and, if challenges arise, know how to manage them with minimal impact on your event.

A Final Word

Event planning is a stressful job. While your in-house team may be able to rise to the occasion and not buckle under the pressure to deliver on your next event, the extra stress they will endure while tasked with the project can easily be avoided. Event professionals know how to beat that stress and deliver a memorable experience that builds up your business and brand reputation.

photo credit: PopTech 2011 - Camden Maine USA via photopin (license)