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Grab Attention with A Time-lapse Video

on November 09, 2017

UNH 2017 Gala - Time-Lapse Video from HB Live, Inc. on Vimeo.

When making a presentation, keeping the attention of your prospect, client, or audience can be a challenge, now more than ever. Did you know that the average human attention-span in the Information Age is only eight seconds? Believe it or not, that’s one second less than the nine-second attention-span of your pet goldfish.

However, time-lapse video is a perfect solution to combat the ill-focused. Abbreviating your technical, industrial, manufacturing, or construction event with time-lapse video will enhance each viewer’s understanding of the work, its processes, and applications. And time-lapse video will entertain your viewer in a way that photos, graphs, charts, or words just can’t, giving you the edge you need to engage and win prospects.

So what it Time-lapse video? It’s photographic technique in which individual stills are captured at intervals much slower than standard, live-action video; yet, when an interval series-of-stills is played back at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster. Natural occurrences that are nearly imperceptible to the human eye become easy to see, such as the moon traveling across the night sky or a seedling blossoming into a plant. Mechanical and engineering processes that take days or even years can be abbreviated to mere minutes.

Time-lapse can condense a lengthy event into a concise story. Time-lapse can shorten hours of visuals down to just the exciting peaks and valleys. Time-lapse can quickly illustrate the work required to complete prolonged tasks. Therefore, if you’re looking for a great story-telling tool, look no further than time-lapse video.