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Digital Signage Across Multiple Industries

on August 22, 2016

The capacity for digital signage to leave a mega-impression on customers creates a powerful tool for marketers nearly every industry—if you know how to use it. Today’s interactive ads and digital storytelling overshadow non-digital advertising campaigns, and company execs are lining up to put their brand’s story in the LED-powered limelight. In an incredibly competitive global marketplace, unique digital signage campaigns make headlines and seal conversions.

Meet the Brands That Win at Interactive Advertising

Across the country, interactive advertising makes waves in every industry. In New York’s Times Square, American Standard recently came out with a digital display that got consumers talking about and interacting with the brand. The company projected a large digital umbrella on a Clear Channel Outdoor America screen, showing live video content of consumers standing on a busy intersection under the umbrella in a digital rainstorm.

Consumers reacted positively to the advertisement, taking photos of the display and using the brand’s custom hashtag, #ASTurnsItOn. American Standard proved their tech-savvy nature and increased consumer engagement, ultimately boosting profitability. Also in New York City, eBay and Rebecca Minkoff created a flagship store with interactive mirror walls in fitting rooms. Customers can browse different looks, request fittings, and even order drinks while they try on clothing.

Savvy brands such as Pepsi use digital signage to grab attention. The cola giant installed an interactive video wall in a London bus station, right where passersby sit to wait for the bus. The video wall shows a realistic image of the street behind it, but also shocking things such as tigers approaching the bench, aliens grabbing people, and meteors falling from the sky. Pepsi’s ad has shock value, and it fell in line with the company’s “#LiveForNow” campaign. By breaking conventions and using juxtaposition of fantasy and reality while inspiring a rush of adrenaline in viewers of the campaign, Pepsi found great success using augmented video technology.

Get Familiar with the New Dining Experience

The restaurant chain Johnny Rockets’ recently enhanced their image as a place where patrons enjoy tunes along with their burgers by moving to a smart music and media platform called Rockbot. Patrons traditionally count on the restaurant for its 1950s theme and at-the-table jukeboxes. Johnny Rockets sought to customize the musical experience with technology that acts like a jukebox but allows guests to connect to Rockbot, tap into their own music collections on their smartphones, and play their choice of music through the restaurant sound system.

Other restaurants also have moved toward digital signage to display menus, tell their stories via video, and help customers order while waiting in line. Taco Time installed interactive touchscreen displays in the customer waiting area so patrons can browse through the menu and decide what they want before they reach the ordering counter. Casual dining restaurant Applebee’s makes use of touchscreen devices at every table that allow guests to order food, request checks, and play games—great for parents looking to keep children entertained at the table. The ideas for digital signage in the food industry are endless. 

Prepare for the Future of Digital Signage 

As limitless as today’s options for digital signage already seem to be, technology is creating more opportunities for industries to wow consumers with digital displays. Samsung’s latest innovations include outdoor signage and video walls that come equipped with color calibration for better image quality in any light. And fine-pixel pitch LED technology will bring digital signage into even more locations, with better visibility in direct sunlight. As technology continues to advance, brands will have even more options to consider as they devise creative ways to use digital signage to their advantage.

Inviting your consumers to interact with your brand via digital displays is a smart move—it increases brand awareness, amplifies your brand’s story in a unique way, and provides value to your audience. Attract customers with the ingenuity of your display, and seal conversions with a hashtag or link back to your website. Interactive advertising allows you to be as creative and innovative as you wish in virtually every industry.


Photo Credit: dimedis GmbH via Compfight cc