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Communicating on Campus—Use Digital Signage

on October 10, 2017

On many university and college campuses today, digital signage is being used as an effective and efficient tool to educate and communicate with students. As this technology continues to evolve, digital signage is being leveraged in new and exciting ways every day. The question becomes: how exactly can digital signage enhance communication on campuses and transform the education industry? Let’s examine some of the best use cases for digital signage on campuses along with the many benefits it offers students and faculty alike.

Connected and Consistent Communications on Campus via Digital Signage 

The size of college campuses varies from school to school. Some campuses are geographically spread out while others are more centralized. Regardless of size, using digital signage enables colleges to communicate the same message via digital signage to multiple locations simultaneously. By using digital signage, the consistency of information being shared is maintained and ensures all students are being shown real-time information.

Along with the efficient communication of consistent information, digital signage also offers major security and awareness benefits. Emergency alert systems have become a necessity on every campus and digital signage enables universities to quickly push real time emergency information to students throughout the entire campus. Along with more efficient emergency alert systems, digital signage systems can also serve as a campus wide navigation system. For new students, navigating around an unfamiliar campus can be a daunting task. With assistance of digital signage, students can interact directly with maps and other directional information to help familiarize themselves with the campus as a whole.

Digital Signage in the Classroom

Digital signage has the potential to completely revolutionize the educational space. In fact, 73 percent of educational institutions consider digital signage a crucial part of their future communication plans. This staggering number likely reflects the consistency and speed of communication digital signage offers college administrators. However, another important factor to consider when planning for digital signage installations are the benefits that can be realized in the classroom.

While digital signage can display real-time information in different locations simultaneously, allowing colleges to convey important information to all students on campus at the same time, it can also be used by teachers, academic departments and students to reach a specific target audience and increase engagement. For example, digital signage installations in the classroom provide students and teachers new, innovative ways to communicate including: virtual field trips and increased engagement and instant access to 3D models to name a few. In a recent study, 96 percent of students said video displayed via digital signage enhances their learning experiences. Digital signage can be used throughout campuses and classrooms for a variety of different purposes and students and teachers alike agree that digital signage will play a meaningful role in the future of education. 

How HB can help

HB Communications offers clients multiple advantages that other companies simply do not. Regardless of your knowledge about digital signage, HB will help you design and plan your digital signage installation from the ground up. Whether its questions about the most effective ways to utilize digital signage or how to maximize an existing system, HB Communications will help you maximize the effectiveness of all your digital signage systems.

Also, HB will help you develop a custom digital signage strategy and solution that addresses your company’s specific needs and goals, as well as focusing on increasing productivity, communication efficiency, and reducing operating costs. Implementing an easy to use, automated and centralized solution that focuses on accomplishing your school’s unique communication objectives is central to every educational institution, and is HB Communications’ primary mission.

The Takeaway

Sharing accurate and timely information is the life blood of all educational institutions. Increasing the efficiency of information distribution is the goal of every educational institution. Digital signage offers campuses and schools of all sizes the ability to increase the flow of communication between students and teachers in a variety of effective and innovative ways. Whether it’s using digital signage as part of an emergency alert system, navigation system or in the classroom to drive engagement and communication, digital signage is revolutionizing communication on campuses worldwide. See how the professionals at HB Communications can help you transform your school through digital signage and other advanced audiovisual technology solutions.