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Collaboration Reinvents The Modern Workplace

on October 06, 2014

In the modern highly connected world of work, being connected goes far beyond just being in the physical presence of one another.

With more and more companies trading in office space for virtual setups, the key to keeping employees, customers and key stakeholders connected is collaborative video technology.

While the benefits of virtualized work go far beyond just the financial savings from less real estate, one of the key concerns have long been how do companies manage employees all over the world effectively when they are working from home. And even though there has long been technology to keep employees more connected, ultimately it comes down to properly designed and deployed unified communications.

In a recent article from our friends at Cisco, they dig into the importance of effectively connected mobile workforces and how to make sure that employees that are out of the main hub are able to stay connected through the use of collaboration technology.

In the article, the author goes on to explain how to encourage more efficient work and the use of  telepresence technology inside the organization in order to get the best results from this new type of work set up. With employees often feeling disconnected, the power of mobile and unified communications should be able to quickly bring them into the fold and aid them in gaining access to every resource that a “Home base” employee would have.

With technology driving a new kind of work, the possibilities for more connected and collaborative workplaces are endless.

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