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AV Technology: What’s New for 2016

on January 19, 2016

The predictions are in, and 2016 has exciting things in store for AV technology. Here’s why it’s so important that you stay in the know.

Commercial enterprises are increasingly looking to audiovisual technology to achieve their business goals. Late adoption of the latest AV technology trends can affect a company’s long-term plans and initiatives. To enjoy a successful 2016, businesses should pay close attention to the AV trends experts are predicting will play important roles in the digital business world.

Electronics Will Become Autonomous

Thanks in part to the popularity of Google’s self-driving car, technology will continue to operate autonomously. Gartner believes that the age of the drone is near, when drones will use cutting-edge audiovisual technology to deliver goods from warehouse to consumer. The principal challenges will be human ones. The Federal Communications Commission will have to expedite its processes to ensure that the technology can evolve safely.

Enter the Device Mesh

Gartner, Inc., an innovation and consulting firm, predicts that the sensors now embedded in many devices will continue to spread—to mobile devices, wearable tech, home electronics, and automobiles. Technologists predict that these sensors will increasingly work together to create a device mesh, allowing data to synchronize itself across several media at once, and helping the sensors gain more insight into our daily routines.

Prepare For Ambient User Experience

Using the aforementioned device mesh, technology will be able to organize data without us even noticing it. Consumers can look forward to more automation options, though there may be challenges in application design.

Machines Will Learn

It may sound like an Orwellian prospect, but by 2016, machines will be able to do more than simply collect data. Using the information they gather, machines will increasingly have the capability to learn.

The Internet of Things Will Get Bigger

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to information that machines share with one another. Gartner predicts that IoT networks will become more comprehensive, so the system can share data broadly. Information technology (IT) departments will have to embrace these changes by embracing cloud-based solutions.

Security Will Be Adaptable

A company’s security will be top priority in 2016. Since so many businesses have experienced recent data breaches, the focus will be less on defensive strategies and more on offensive ones. Apps and other technologies will be equipped to protect themselves using predictive modeling. To stay ahead of the curve, companies will have to incorporate security into every aspect of their processes.

3D Printing Will Continue to Grow

3D printing is not exactly new, but Gartner predicts that its applications will extend far beyond its current limitations. Companies such as Tesla are using 3D printing to produce engine parts, but experts expect this technology to evolve in the future to print biological materials, and even foodstuffs.

How will these trends affect the AV world? The buzzword is integration. Companies should make use of automation and the device mesh to synchronize their unified communication systems and stay ahead of the curve. No matter the field, the implications are tremendous. For health care, current trends will decrease hospital error and improve patient care. For corporate entities, integration will lead to more streamlined work processes and increased customer satisfaction. The bottom line? Whether you are an AV integrator, an MSP, or a customer looking for exceptional AV services, knowing what’s to come and staying abreast of technology’s evolution will keep you head and shoulders above the competition.

photo credit: The NORAD of ABC in Austin via photopin (license)