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AV/IT Convergence: What It Is Really All About

on August 25, 2014

For what seems like a decade there has been a wide debate in the Information Technology and Audiovisual space about the impending convergence of the two technologies and what that may mean.

As devices have found their way onto the network and new technologies such as cloud, mobile and unified communications have grown in adoption, it has fulfilled the prophecy and drawn AV companies to grow their capabilities in IT and IT to expand their capabilities in AV.

But beyond having IT companies install presentation technology and AV companies integrate network products, what does this AV/IT convergence really mean for the industry?

Our friends at CompTIA and Infocomm released a study on the perceptions and advancements in convergence and they found some extremely interesting points. In this study they reveal some of the ways that the IT industry views AV integration. As a long time audiovisual integrator, we found this to be fascinating, and being on the edge of these two industries we felt many of our clients and partners would too.

What do you see as the future of AV/IT convergence?

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