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Technology Checklist For Safely Returning To The Office

on January 04, 2021

Is your organization ready to return to the office? Due to the pandemic, the workplace is changing dramatically, rapidly. Decision makers face a varied list of new safety precautions surrounding...

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Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Scanning

on July 08, 2020

Organizations are seeking new ways to protect their staff and guests. Using Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) scanners at their points of entry is a highly visible front-line tool that not only...

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HB Helps St. Vincent de Paul Reach An At Home Audience

on June 10, 2020

We recently wrote about how our broadcast streaming bundle allows you to reach a wider audience through streaming to your site, Facebook Live, or YouTube. As organizations, educational...

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Reach Your Virtual Audience With A Broadcast Streaming Bundle

on June 03, 2020

High definition live broadcasts are becoming more accessible. In the recent past, there was no middle ground between consumer-level cameras and more professional-grade equipment. Now, what used to...

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Enabling A Remote Workforce

on May 13, 2020

Enabling a remote workforce isn’t just about knowing how to run a meeting virtually, it’s about having the right tools, knowing how to use them, and understanding the needs of the different remote...

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Create an experience that rivals an in-person event

on May 03, 2020

Thanks to video streaming services, companies can create highly engaging virtual events without everyone being in the same room. Given the uncertain times and greater push for a remote workforce,...

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Virtual Meeting Best Practices And How To Get Started

on March 11, 2020

Virtual meetings are a necessity. From remote employee to those on the road it’s no longer an “if”, it’s a “when” these meetings need to occur. Here’s some advice on how to hold the best virtual...

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Changes to Operations on Frequencies in the 600 MHz Service Band

on March 09, 2020

Previously, we outlined how the spectrum auctions by the FCC and the new regulations surrounding them would affect you. As a quick refresher, part of the 653-663 Duplex Gap will be reserved for...

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HB Evolves Brand, Services, and Website

on February 07, 2020

HB is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website and evolved brand.

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Video Wall Brings Calm To Wells Fargo Employees

on December 19, 2019


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